The Elkhart Fire Department currently has 4 staffed ambulances, with 31 Certified Paramedics, and approximately 93 Emergency Medical Technicians.  The department also staffs 2 Advance Life Support engine companies to assist the citizens of Elkhart.  Each ALS engine company provides the same quality of care as an ALS ambulance. These units are strategically place to stabilize patients until a unit arrives to  transport the patient to the appropriate facility

All of Elkhart Fire Departments paramedic's are Indiana State certified and hold certifications in ACLS, PALS, ITLS and CPR. The Department also has 4 State certified Primary instructors. 

The department has 3 firefighters in the current paramedic program and has 4 firefighters scheduled to start the next class in April 2014. 

 The department recently purchased new Life pack 15 cardiac monitors. The new units enhance our medic's ability to diagnose a patient having a heart attack. These units allow the medic's to send key information to Elkhart General Hospital emergency room and the cath lab. This allows physicians to make decisions on where the patient needs to go in a much more expedient fashion. They also have Capnography technology which is the gold standard for analysis of how well a patient is perfusing oxygen. One other function allows the medic to monitor the Carbon monoxide in a patients blood stream. This has proven to be very beneficial this winter with at least 4 cases involving furnace issues. 

The Elkhart Fire Department Paramedics pride themselves on being the best at what they do. 

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