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The Planning and Zoning Department serves as the staff to the Plan Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, and the Elkhart Historic and Cultural Preservation Commission.  Planning and Zoning is also in charge of all enforcement of the zoning standards of the City as dictated by the Zoning Ordinance. In addition, Planning and Zoning reviews all building permits for compliance with the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance. Other responsibilities include floodplain management and community service, updating and maintaining the official Zoning Map, as well as preparing and updating the Comprehensive Plan.

City of Elkhart Zoning Ordinance
CBD 2017 Amendments
Other Sections  2017 Amendments

Updated Comprehensive Plan - Adopted February 02, 2015
In 2015, the City completed a multi-year, three phased process to update its Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan will be used by the City of Elkhart Plan Commission and City Council as required under Indiana Law. This plan serves as the basis for development and infrastructure policy related to development, redevelopment and management of land uses. This plan should provide the policy basis to support any changes in the Zoning and Subdivision Control Ordinance as well as provide guidance on the creation of a Capital Improvements Plan.
Updated Comprehensive Plan - Adopted February 02, 2015 full document (44 MB)Adobe pdf
Update Comprehensive Plan Cover Page, Acknowledgements and Table of Contents (198 KB) pdf
Updated Comprehensive Plan Executive Summary (213 KB) pdf
Updated Comprehensive Plan Chapter 1 - Introduction (238 KB) pdf
Updated Comprehensive Plan Chapter 2 - Process and Methodology (3.7 MB) pdf
Updated Comprehensive Plan Chapter 3 - Visioning (1.2 MB) pdf
Update Comprehensive Plan Chapter 4 - Land Use (11.9 MB) pdf
Updated Comprehensive Plan Chapter 5 - Mobility (3.2 MB) pdf
Updated Comprehensive Plan Chapter 6 - Environment and Design (13.5 MB) pdf
Updated Comprehensive Plan Chapter 7 - Economic Development (6.8 MB) pdf
Updated Comprehensive Plan Chapter 8 - Corridor Character: Land Use & Transportation (3.3 MB)pdf
Update Comprehensive Plan Chapter 9 -  Implementation (439 KB) pdf
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