Common Council Members

Brian Dickerson, Council President

1st District Councilman
Dr. Richard Lewis Shively [R]
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2nd District Councilman
Brian A. Thomas [R]
3rd District Councilman
David E. Henke [R]
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4th District Councilman
Dwight Fish [D] 
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5th District Councilman
Brent Curry [D] 
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6th District Councilwoman
Pam Kurpgeweit [R]
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At-Large Councilwoman
Mary M. Olson [R]
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At-Large Councilman
Brian Dickerson [R]
At-Large Councilman
Adam Bujalski [R] 
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Please call City Hall at 574-294-5471 for any questions for Common Council Members.
The Council meets on the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, except when such a Monday is a City holiday. More information on Common Council meetings may be found by clicking on the Council Meeting Info link to the right.
2017 Committee Assignments
  • Finance:  David Henke*, Brent Curry, Brian Dickerson
  • Public Health & Safety:  Brian Thomas*, Adam Bujalski, Brent Curry
  • Planning & Development:  Adam Bujalski*, David Henke, Dwight Fish
  • Public Works & Improvements:  Pam Kurpgeweit*, Richard Shively, Brent Curry
  • Arts & Culture:  Mary Olson*, Brian Thomas, Dwight Fish
* Denotes Committee Chairperson
Councilman David Henke will serve as the Council's Parliamentarian.
The council liaisons to boards and commissions are as follows:
  • Board of Aviation Commissioners:  Pam Kurpgeweit
  • Redevelopment Commission:  David Henke
  • Board of Public Safety:  Brian Dickerson
  • Board of Public Works:  Richard Shively
  • Historic & Cultural Preservation Commission:  Dwight Fish
  • MACOG:  Brian Thomas
  • Board of Parks and Recreation:  Pam Kurpgeweit
  • Plan Commission:  Mary Olson
  • Board of Zoning Appeals:  Richard Shively
  • Elkhart County Solid Waste Management:  Dwight Fish
  • Lerner Theatre Board:  Brian Thomas
  • Human Relations Commission:  Brent Curry
  • Elkhart Urban Enterprise Association:  Adam Bujalski
  • Police Merit Commission:  Brian Dickerson
  • Fire Merit Commission:  Brian Dickerson