Drinking Water

Elkhart Water Hardness: 19-21 Grains per GallonAll of the City of Elkhart's drinking water is supplied from groundwater. This groundwater comes from several hundred feet below ground. The water is pumped to the surface, treated, and sent to City water customers.  Three wellfields, the North Main Street Wellfield, the South Wellfield and the Northwest Wellfield provide the water supply for the City of Elkhart. 

In 2015, 2.9 billion gallons of safe drinking water was supplied to Elkhart customers through 346 miles of water mains.
Lead in Drinking Water
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Protecting Your Drinking Water

Groundwater comes from rain, snow, sleet, and hail that soaks into the ground. The water moves down into the ground passing between particles of soil, sand, gravel, or rock until it reaches a depth where the ground is filled, or saturated, with water called the saturated zone and the top of this zone is called the water table. The water table may be very near the ground's surface or it may be hundreds of feet below.

Most groundwater is clean, but groundwater can become polluted, or contaminated. It can become polluted from leaky underground tanks, leaky landfills, or when people apply too much fertilizer or pesticides on their fields or lawns. When pollutants leak, spill, or are dumped on the ground they can move through the soil. Groundwater pollution is generally difficult and expensive to clean up.

It is up to each of us to make sure we
have clean and safe water to drink. 

More information about about drinking water can be found by clicking the link below:
The Story of Drinking Water

N. Main Water Tank 
 Water Master Plan
Elkhart has developed a Water Master Plan to identify the necessary capital improvements to ensure adequate water supply, storage, treatment and distribution for the next ten years. For more information on the plan please call (574) 293-2572.
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