Engineering Division

The City of Elkhart is committed to proactive stewardship of our natural local environmental resources while positioning the community for long range economic growth and sustainability.  Ensuring the quality of this balance requires thoughtful and careful development of our community's utility and transportation infrastructure which link Elkhart citizens to the community's environmental assets.
The City of Elkhart's utility infrastructure assets include:
  • Drinking water supply and treatment facilities
  • Water distribution mains and wastewater collection sewers
  • An Indiana Class IV wastewater treatment plant
  • Separate storm water conveyance sewers
  • All public roadways, streets and alleys
  • Traffic Signals
  • Vehicular and pedestrian control signage
In order to position Elkhart positively for long range economic growth and sustainability it is critical that infrastructure needs are adequately planned.  To accomplish this mission, the primary function of the Engineering division is to develop and implement the master plans for Elkhart's utility and transportation infrastructure.  These plans, founded in scientific methods using baseline metrics for standards, are used to provide guidance for long-range capital improvement, asset management, and environmental management programming.  Essential to the usefulness of the planning programs is the intentional use of all appropriate and available technological tools that enhance data management processes, accuracy in data analysis, and communication of analytical results for public understanding.
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