Housing Programs

Elkhart County is fortunate to have several  agencies providing housing services in our community.  For information on available housing programs, please refer to the Home Matters brochure in Related Pages.  Copies are also available by contacting Laura Miller at the number or e-mail address below.
The City of Elkhart offers the following housing programs for low and moderate income residents of Elkhart:
     Homeowner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation
     Direct Assistance for Homebuyers
     Lead Hazard Assessment and Reduction
     Assistance to Not-for-Profit Housing Providers
Homeowner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation - This program provides assistance to current homeowners to repair their homes.  Please contact Laura Miller at 574-294-5471 x119 or laura.miller@coei.org for program specifics or to schedule an initial eligibility interview. 
Direct Assistance for Homebuyers - This program provides downpayment assistance and minor home repair funds for new homebuyers in the City's Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA).  (See map and brochure in Related Pages.)  Contact Laura Miller for program details.
Lead Hazard Assessment and Reduction - This program provides technical assistance and assessment of potential lead hazards in homes receiving other housing program funds. 
Contractors interested in working on any of the City-funded housing programs need to complete a contractor's application. This application can be found in the Forms and Applications section or by contacting Joe Halter at 574-294-5471 x 1130 or joe.halter@coei.org.
Assistance to Not-for-Profit Housing Providers - The City of Elkhart provides funds to local not-for-profit agencies to provide affordable housing opportunities in the NRSA. (See map in Related Pages.)
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