Elkhart Housing Strategy

The Elkhart Housing Strategy, completed by enFocus in partnership with the City of Elkhart Redevelopment Commission, is now available! The Executive Summary/Implementation Plan and full document can be accessed at the following link:

Executive Summary and Implementation Plan
Elkhart Housing Strategy (Full Document)

The appendices from the full document can be accessed individually at the following links. Appendices A and B include the financial background for the various development pro formas. Appendix C contains a catalog of financial and other tools necessary to implement the housing strategy: 

Appendix A: Pro Forma Methodology
Appendix B: Development Pro Formas
Appendix C: Tools

As part of their contract, enFocus was also responsible for creating a neighborhood marketing and engagement campaign, with elements that could be selected on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. These appendices can be accessed at the links below: 

Appendix D: Sample Resident Survey
Appendix E: Focus Group Script
Appendix F: Focus Group Facilitator's Guide
Appendix G: Setting up a Neighborhood Page
Appendix H: Sample Marketing Materials

Appendix I includes a summary of findings from Wabash College Democracy and Public Discourse. Wabash College assisted with the housing public meeting, held in March 2019, in the State & Division Neighborhood. Appendix J includes data assumptions for the housing unit projections. 

Appendix I: Summary of Wabash College's Findings
Appendix J: Data Assumptions for Housing Units


In the fall of 2017, the Elkhart Redevelopment Commission retained Zimmerman/Volk Associates to prepare an Analysis of Residential Market Potential for Downtown Elkhart. The study found that, over a 5-year timeframe, Downtown Elkhart alone could support 680 to 880 rental and for-sale housing units. The study further concluded that the City of Elkhart had the potential to attract 4,980 households annually over the next five years.

To address Elkhart's housing need, the Redevelopment Commission retained enFocus, a nonprofit consulting firm, in the fall of 2018 to develop an infill housing strategy for the City of Elkhart. This yearlong project included best practice research, assessment of a pilot neighborhood, development of a marketing and engagement strategy, and the design of an implementation strategy. 

From this strategy, 53 tools have been identified to bridge the development and affordability gaps for housing development. The final report also includes recommended policy changes, as well as education and outreach initiatives to support the overall strategy. 

Other enFocus Reports for the Elkhart Housing Strategy
In addition to the final report, enFocus also provided an assessment of the State & Division Neighborhood, as well as a report on best practice strategies for encouraging housing development. These documents can be accessed at the following links: 

Assessment of the State & Division Neighborhood
Elkhart Housing Strategy: Phase I Report

Partnerships are critical in the implementation of the City's housing strategy. This strategy cannot be implemented without the support from the development community, as well as nonprofit partners, private businesses, and other community stakeholders. Stay tuned for next steps.

Contact George Byers (george.byers@coei.org) with any questions on the Housing Strategy and how you can get involved!