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The Elkhart Urban Enterprise Zone (EUEZ)

The Elkhart Urban Enterprise Association (EUEA) oversees the Elkhart Urban Enterprise Zone (EUEZ) and its programs that address the two-fold mission of the EUEA:

  1. Increase the number of jobs in the EUEZ by the retention and expansion of existing businesses, and the attraction and development of new businesses.
  2. Improve the quality of life of Zone residents, improve Zone residents' employability and fill Zone jobs with Zone residents.

The Elkhart Urban Enterprise Zone (EUEZ) is an area of the community that is targeted for physical revitalization, job creation and improvements in social and economic conditions. The designated area includes downtown Elkhart and its nearby neighborhoods, as well as the residential and industrial areas located on the southwest portion of the community. (See Elkhart Enterprise Zone Map)Elkhart Urban Enterprise Zone Map

The State of Indiana offers three categories of benefits for Zone businesses, investors and residents.

  • Incentives to Zone businesses to encourage investment and reinvestment in their business.
  • Incentives to encourage lending to Zone entities.
  • Incentives to Zone residents who reside and work in the Zone.

Businesses located within the Enterprise Zone annually receive tax incentives from the state of Indiana for hiring Zone residents.  A portion of those incentives are then shared with the EUEA to promote further economic development and employment opportunities within the Zone.

While information regarding the Elkhart Urban Enterprise Zone is listed on the City of Elkhart's website, the Elkhart Urban Enterprise Association is NOT a department of the city. It is a stand-alone entity; information is provided as a service to Zone businesses, lenders and residents. Again, any tax incentives offered are through the State of Indiana, not through the City of Elkhart or the EUEA.

The EUEA finds that businesses, investors and residents of the Zone benefit from EUEA involvement, and the entire community benefits from improved economic health and quality of life.


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