Brownfields Program

Like many Midwest communities, Elkhart is faced with land and groundwater contamination issues that are the remnants of a historic and prosperous industrial past.  In recent years, contamination issues have hampered real-estate property transactions, causing the underutilization of properties and increasing the blight and disinvestment in Elkhart neighborhoods.
During an inventory that was conducted in 2008, it was estimated that Elkhart contains close to 100 brownfield sites. 
The State of Indiana defines a brownfield site as a parcel of real estate that is abandoned or inactive or may not be operated at its appropriate use and on which expansion or redevelopment is complicated because of the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, a contaminant, petroleum, or a petroleum product that poses a risk to human health or the environment.  Examples of brownfields include:
     Former industrial sites
     Inactive or underutilized gasoline stations
     Properties containing underground storage tanks
     Old railroad properties
  Current Projects
     Walter Piano (700 West Beardsley Ave.)
     Federal Press (511 Division St.)
Past Projects
     LaBour Pump (1607 Sterling Ave.)
     Elkhart Foundry (318 Elkhart Ave.)
     Elkhart Armory (200 N. Main St.)
     Roundhouse Property (6th St. & Wagner Ave.) 
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