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Elkhart Central Garage
Mission: “Keeping the City Moving”

The Elkhart Central Garage services equipment that ranges from Weed Eaters to Pay Loaders, Generators to an Asphalt Paver and Lawnmowers to Sewer Vacuum Trucks. All of the departments that serve the City of Elkhart need all these varieties of tools to properly ensure the citizens of Elkhart a clean and operating city. Maintaining 1000 pieces of equipment City wide for the 14 following departments; Aviation, Building & Grounds, Building, Central Garage, Cemetery, Emergency Management, Engineering, Motor Pool, Police, Planning, Street, Traffic, Water distribution and Water Collections. The Central Garage also provides 24 hour 7 days a week, shop, road call, and emergency service. Regularly maintaining and repairing all units in the fleet throughout the year on a preventative maintenance schedule is our primary function.Central Garage Shop

Central Garage Duties

  • Purchasing and disposing of all City motorized equipment except Fire Department.
  • Registering, insuring, and plating all City equipment including Fire Department.
  • Providing fuel cards and maintaining fuel program for the City.
  • Specification writing and bid process for new City equipment.
  • Tracking all repair/maintenance work orders and outside repairs, on a fleet equipment software program.
  • Monitor all CDL licenses and operator licenses for employees driving City owned equipment.  Running quarterly driver license checks, and random drug testing for CDL program.
  • Prepare new vehicles and equipment for service: Installing necessary add on equipment used by Departments. Also install Lettering, stickers, and numbering on new equipment.
  • Fabricating new and old equipment for better Department usage.


  • Warranty claims
  • Body shop repairs
  • Glass repairs
  • Front end alignments
  • Outside repairs

The Central Garage has ten full time mechanics, one full time shop Crew Leader, one full time Parts Manager, one full time Office Manager, and one part-time Janitor/Parts shuttle. Several Central Garage Employees combine for over 50 various certifications from a nationally recognized association called ASE (Automotive Service Excellence), which also includes certifications for Parts Department, Equipment Installation, Heavy Duty Truck Technician, and Service Consultant. We are committed to training our mechanics for the ever-changing automotive, truck and equipment field, computer training is a must with new equipment. Welding, torching, fabricating, on board diagnostics, tire replacements and hydraulic repairs are some of our everyday tasks. Each season of the year creates challenging duties. The winter brings Plows into the shop nonstop for cutting edge replacements, the spring and summer has asphalt repair and paving, lawnmowers with needs for hydraulics, tires and blades. The fall has all the necessary equipment to provide leaf pickup with Pay Loaders, Dump Trucks and Tractors. Of which tires, loader buckets and hydraulics all desire plenty of maintenance. Street Sweeping continues throughout the year unless to cold, with brooms, elevator belts and hydraulic motors needing attention.

Street Sweeper MRAP
Pumper Truck Paver
Brush Truck Police Car
Loader Dump Trucks
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Kevin Miller,
Department Head

1909 W Mishawaka Rd
Elkhart, IN 46517
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  • Phone:  (574) 293-0147
  • Fax:  (574) 522-4441
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