Wellfield Protection

Human activity on the ground surface can also affect our ground water quality. Substances can dissolve in the water on the surface and are carried down to the aquifer. The substances can come from households, agriculture, or industries.Contamination of ground water may make it unfit for certain uses and may become harmful to humans, animals, vegetation, and property. Treatment of contaminated ground water is usually expensive, and sometimes a contaminated water supply must be abandoned and a new supply located. Preventing contamination before it occurs is the best solution. Wellhead protection is a way to protect our drinking water by managing the areas around our water supply to prevent contamination. This is done by setting up a zone around the well called a Wellhead Protection Area. Within this area, any spills or leaks of materials that could contaminate the ground water are a concern. 

For a copy of the Elkhart County's Ground Water Protection Ordinance click here.  

Wellhead Protection Sign




These signs are posted along the outside the wellfield protection areas of the City's three wellfields. 





If you would like additional information about the City's Wellhead Protection Plan, please email sarah.mitchell@coei.org or call 574 293-2572.

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