Resources and Information

This page contains useful information related to the Drinking Water, Wastewater and Storm Water Utilities.
Water Utility
Water Utility Administration Ordinance 
Summary of Current Water Utility Rates and Charges 
Water Utility Policies 
Wastewater Utility
Ordinance 5285 - Wastewater Utility Use Ordinance
Summary of Current Wastewater Utility Rates and Charges
Ordinance 5286 - Wastewater Utility Rates and Charges
Ordinance 5321 Amending Ordinance 5286 - Wastewater Utility Rates and Charges
Ordinance 5434 - Regulating the Discharge of Fats Oils and Grease from Food Service Establishments
Ordinance 5435 - Amending Ordinance #5285 Wastewater Utility Use Ordinance
Wastewater Utility Policies
Enforcement Response Plan with Penalty Matrix
Residential Sewer Insurance Program 
Commercial/Industrial User Wastewater Questionnaire
Commercial/Industrial User Wastewater Questionnaire Instructions 
Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit Application
Technical Justification of Industrial User Local Limits
Ordinance 5329 Amending 5285 - Local Limits 2013 
Storm Water Utility
Ordinance 5012 - Establishing Storm Water User Fees
Ordinance 5246 - Amending Ordinance 5012
Ordinance 5034  - Construction Site Storm Water Erosion Control Ordinance
Ordinance 5158 - Amending Ordinance 5034
Ordinance 5283 - Regulating Illicit Discharges and Connections to the City of Elkhart's Storm Water Sewer System
Excavation Ordinance 
Standard Construction Specifications for the City of Elkhart 2016