For the health of our citizens, to improve our environment and to save transportation costs, the City of Elkhart is encouraging more people to get out of their cars and start riding their bikes. To further that effort, the City is creating bike routes, lanes, and trails in more areas of the city.

The current bikeways are as follow:

Greenleaf Route - 3.8 miles
Greenway Trail - 1.6 miles
Indiana Bike Lane - 1.7 miles
Lusher Bike Path - 0.3 miles
MapleHeart Trail - 0.4 miles (Trail continues to Goshen)
Riverwalk Route - 4.1 miles
Sterling Bike Lane - 1.1 miles
Strong Route - 2.3 miles
Wood Route - 2.2 miles



Greenleaf Route
Strong Route
Wood Route


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