Residential Sewer Insurance

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City of Elkhart Residential Sewer Insurance Program

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If you are a residential customer living in a dwelling with no more than two units, paying for sewer service with the City of Elkhart, you may have the option of filing a sewer insurance claim with the City of Elkhart.

NOTE: It is considered a homeowner's responsibility and routine maintenance to hire a professional sewer cleaner* to clean the sewer line from their home to the street every year at their own expense.

A homeowner may qualify to file a Sewer Insurance claim in the following circumstances:

  • Homeowner hired a professional sewer cleaner* and the cleaner determined the line outside the house could not be cleared of the blockage.
  • Homeowner hired a professional sewer cleaner* and within 12 months following that cleaning, they experience sewer back-up problems again resulting from problems outside of the house.

If either situation applies, please contact the City of Elkhart Public Works department at 574-293-2572 regarding the Sewer Insurance Program.

Sewer Insurance Program Information

  • Homeowner provides a receipt from professional sewer cleaner* and pays a $400.00 deductible.
  • The City of Elkhart will restore the sewer to a functioning capacity.
  • If the cost of repair/restoration is less than $400.00, the applicant will receive a partial refund.
  • Typically, if there is no outside cleanout, one will be installed.
  • All work completed through the program will be guaranteed for one (1) year.

Sewer Insurance does not cover plumbing or sewer lines inside the house.

* If the homeowner chooses to clean the sewer line with his own equipment or rental equipment, this does not qualify as a cleaning that would allow the homeowner to file a claim for sewer insurance.