What is ElkhartWood?

ElkhartWood is a full-circle urban wood utilization program, designed to reduce waste and increase the urban forestry canopy in Elkhart. 
How does ElkhartWood Work?
ElkhartWood Diagram
How can I become involved?
Community members: Attend public programs and learn more about ElkhartWood, and even purchase locally-grown and -made pieces! Email EECmail@coei.org for more information or updates about upcoming programs or opportunities, or check in on our Facebook page. 
Woodworkers: Join our ElkhartWood email list to receive updates on our inventory, Sawmill Days, and events by emailing EECmail@coei.org. You can find more information about our inventory, pricing, etc. by clicking here. You can also become a program speaker or lead a workshop.
Tell me more!
You can learn more about the ElkhartWood Program-- where it all began, the who's, why's, and how's--by clicking here.

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