Trash Pick-up

Trash pick-up is provided by the City utilizing a one 96-gallon cart and is serviced weekly. For more information see below.

Proper placement of cart and pick-up.

  • The day of service, carts must be out by 6:00 AM.  Holiday pick-up schedule is one day later than the regular schedule.
  • Cart placement must be within 3 feet of the curb or street side (front of curb or behind the curb is acceptable).  Placement must be unobstructed, with 2 feet of clearance from objects such as parked cars, trees, poles, etc.
  • Alley pickup is no longer available.
  • Large item pickup - Residents must contact Borden Waste-Away at (574) 293-5001 to arrange for large item pickup. Included: Furniture, carpet rolls and large appliances. Not Included: Tires, electronics, construction material or car parts.

-Residents may dispose of 2 large household items per month 
-Residents may dispose of 1 item containing Freon per month
-Pickup for large items is done on the resident's normal route day with at least 24 hour  notice.

What to do when additional service is needed beyond the capacity of the 96 gallon cart:

  • Additional carts are available through Borden.
  • Bag and container tags are available at area Martin's Supermarkets and the office of Borden Waste-Away.  
  • Container tags can be used for any approved residential trash can, waste cart, and for Christmas tree disposal.
  • Bag tags can be used for any household trash bag.
  • For other additional service needs, residents are to call Borden Waste-Away at 293-5001.

To view a map of the Residential Trash Pick-Up Boundaries**, click on the map below

**This trash and recycling service schedule does not apply to non-residential entities, residential dwellings over 4 units or mobile home communities. There may be additional exceptions.  Please contact Borden at (574) 293-5001 if you have any questions about which day your trash and recycling is scheduled to be serviced. Residential Trash Pick-Up Days