Prairie St Overpass

Prairie St Overpass

The Prairie Street Overpass project will construct a new bridge to carry four traffic lanes on Prairie Street over Norfolk Southern Railroad.  In addition to the bridge, there will be approximately 0.91 miles of new roadway.  The project will widen Prairie Street to a four lane roadway from Main Street to Division Street with concrete curbs and gutters, six to ten feet-wide sidewalks, and storm sewers.  Main Street will be rebuilt from Willard Street to Indiana Avenue with new sewers, water mains, sidewalks, curb and gutters and roadway.  New traffic signals will be installed at the intersections of Prairie Street and Main Street and Prairie Street and Middlebury Street.

A second bridge will be added next to the roadway bridge to serve as a pedestrian bridge which will allow the public to travel separated from the traffic.  The pedestrian bridge will be ten feet wide and will meet bicycle and ADA requirements.

The City of Elkhart has a long history with the railroads.  Throughout most of that history, the railroads have brought benefits to the people of Elkhart.  The railroads have provided jobs, commerce, and accessibility during the 120 years that they have been a part of Elkhart's daily life.  One of the few disadvantages the people of Elkhart have faced is the inconvenience of the railroad crossings.  In the past, we were not as mobile as we are now and the trains blocking our crossings were just a minor inconvenience.  Over the last 50 years, however, the number and length of trains have increased while at the same time, the population of Elkhart has increased along with the number of cars per household.  Currently there are 120 trains per day passing through Elkhart.

Time Line
June 2014:       Clear the Right-of-Way, Demolition, Utility locates,
Phase 1: Main Street from Eden Court (just north of Indiana) to Willard St.

This phase includes separating combined sewer, new water, upgraded intersection at Main and Prairie, and streetscape improvements on Main St.

Dec 2014:        Phase I will be complete

April 2015:      Phase II will begin. This phase is located at Prairie starting at Division St. to Stocker Court.

This phase includes building the overpass and pedestrian bridge, widening Prairie from Division, new utilities, intersection improvement at Prairie and Middlebury, and streetscape improvements on Prairie.

Nov 2015:       Finish Phase II

April 2016:      Landscaping

July 2016:        Project completion


Leslie Biek, Right-of-Way Engineer, at (574) 293-2572

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Project Location

Prairie St, S Main St, Middlebury St, Willard Ct, Bryson Ct, Stocker Ct

Prairie Street Overpass Project Render