Urban Wood Utilization Program

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Urban Wood Utilization Program


Ever wonder what happens to our street trees after they are taken down? Many of the trees and limbs that are removed in the City are only suitable for firewood or wood chips, BUT there is a small fraction of these logs that are high-quality and more suitable for furniture, art, and other "value-added" products. These logs are brought to the Elkhart Environmental Center and sold to local woodworkers. 

What's available?

Our inventory comes from the trees on the street--meaning, our inventory is limited to what needs to come down around the City. We only collect high-quality logs, but species, length, and DIB vary. To receive our most updated inventory list, email EECmail@coei.org, stop by our Visitor's Cabin, or click here.  

Why choose ElkhartWood?

ElkhartWood is a local source of lumber. It is a great place to find interesting and storied logs for all kinds of projects. Urban wood can be used for a variety of purposes, including achieving green building standards (e.g.) and count as "reclaimed urban lumber." When you choose to purchase Elkhart logs, you are also supporting the community--money made from log sales goes directly into funding educational programs by the Elkhart Environmental Center (EEC), both at the EEC and around the City.

Frequently asked questions:

What is "urban wood"?

Urban wood is wood that comes from trees in an urban setting, such as parks, backyards, along streets, etc., which were not harvested for their timber value. Examples include logs from tree removals and trees killed by storms or pest outbreaks, such as the emerald ash borer (EAB). 

What do the logs cost?

We typically sell our logs for a flat rate of $20 per log. We accept additional donations, as well, and may adjust the price for higher market value logs.

Where can I find the logs?

Our inventory is located onsite at the Elkhart Environmental Center at 1717 E Lusher Ave, Elkhart, IN 46516.

When can I come look at/purchase logs?

We are open Monday - Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM, except for City holidays. Please call in advance to ensure staff is available for assistance. 

Who can purchase the logs?

The logs are available for purchase to individuals who are interested in utilizing the higher-quality wood for "value-added" purposes, and have the means and capacity of transporting and utilizing them. This is not an opportunity to obtain firewood.

Do I have to load the logs myself?

Yes. Many logs are approximately 8 feet long. Typically, we do not have access to machinery that would allow us to load the logs for you. However, we do our best to host Sawmill Days at least once a year, when we will invite a sawyer out to mill the logs for those who have or would like to purchase the logs and have them milled onsite. Additional milling rates apply. Please contact the EEC if you have questions or would like more information. 

Where can I find more information?

Want to learn more about the ElkhartWood Program? Click here!